6 Reasons To Break Up With Your Reading Glasses This Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here.


For those of us who aren’t exactly head-over-heels about the holiday, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take inventory of who – or what – we need to break up with this year. And it turns out, reading glasses are at the top of the list.


Here are the top six reasons to break up with your reading glasses this Valentine’s Day:


  1. They make you look and feel old


Sorry to be blunt, but we are taking stock of things to break up with, right? Reading glasses are a rite of passage, but it’s not the kind of journey where you score a free upgrade. More like the kind where your luggage gets lost and you spend the whole trip in a state of constant frustration. Eventually, we all need a little help to see up close, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.


  1. They have commitment issues


Why can you never find a pair of readers when you need one? For whatever reason, your reading glasses seem to wander off just when you need them most. Like when you want to use the self-checkout at the grocery store, or you need to fill out a pile of forms at the doctor’s office.


  1. They’re just never content


On, off, on, off – that’s pretty much the whole story. With regular glasses you can leave them on all day. But oh no, not with reading glasses. They constantly want to be on your face, then on your head, back on your face, then in your pocket. They’re just never satisfied.


  1. They come with too much baggage


We all have our stuff. But reading glasses expect to be carried around all day, every day. And their fragile nature means they have to be coddled and protected. No matter how little available space you have, you’re going to have to make room for them.


  1. They don’t like the same things you do


Do you like the outdoors? Nope, that’s too dirty for your readers. Maybe you’re more of a curl up in bed and read a book kind of person? Too bad. Reading glasses just can’t get comfortable for extended periods of time. What if you’re more of the computer game variety? Readers are probably going to want to bring along a friend who is better at mid-distance viewing. They’re more into the near vision thing. It seems all they like to do is just hang around.


  1. You’re always footing the bill


Once you let a pair of reading glasses into your life, you’re going to need to buy another pair, and another, and on and on. And then in no time at all, you’ll need a stronger pair. And so the story goes. Unfortunately, it’s one that never ends.


It’s an aggravating relationship, to be sure. It might be a good time to free yourself from the constant frustrations of reading glasses.


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