5 Reasons A Spring Break Vacation Is A Lot Less Relaxing With Reading Glasses

It’s finally March! It marks the official end of winter, and for students of all ages, it means that glorious time of year known as spring break. Many families with school-aged children use this week as an opportunity to get away and spend time together basking in the sun on beaches near and far.


But for those parents in their 40s and 50s, a beach vacation presents some unique frustrations. Anyone whose increasingly blurry near vision has pointed them toward the spinning rack of reading glasses in their local drugstore will be able to relate.


For people who wear reading glasses, spring break can be less than relaxing. Here are five reasons why:


  1. It’s extremely difficult to read in the sun

Unless you invest in specialty reading sunglasses, it’s extremely difficult to read in the sun. Regular readers just won’t cut it in the bright sun. It’s always a shock the first time you settle into a lounge chair and pull out that novel you’ve been looking forward to reading only to discover that even though you packed your readers, you still can’t read. Ironic, isn’t it? And frustrating!


  1. Sand and glasses just don’t mix


In every day life, it feels like reading glasses are in a constant state of needing a good cleaning. Since you’re always putting them on and taking them off, they are always getting smudged. But the beach takes it to a whole new level. It’s as if the combination of salt water and sunblock act as a magnet attracting sand into every little crevice of your reading glasses. Hopefully you can wipe it off without scratching the lens.


  1. It’s hard to travel with readers


Whether you reach your destination by car or plane, one thing’s for sure – your readers don’t like to travel. Smooshed between your cell phone and your water bottle is not a comfortable place for your delicate plastic-framed glasses. And you might not discover the level of this discomfort until you put them on your face and find one arm of your glasses drooping below your ear lobe.


  1. You can never find them when you need them


At home, you probably have readers scattered about. There’s a pair in the kitchen, a pair at the office, a pair on the nightstand… But when you travel, you’re likely to only bring one pair. And you’re likely to spend most of your trip searching in bags and pockets trying to find them. Why is it that you can never find a pair of readers when you need them?


  1. The on-again, off-again struggle is compounded in an unfamiliar setting


The thing about reading glasses is that they don’t stay on your face all the time. You have to put them on to read close up and take them off again to see far away. It’s an aggravating game of “on again off again.” But on vacation that frustration is intensified. From maps to schedules to brochures, unfamiliar surroundings bring you more opportunities to be annoyed with your reading glasses.


The natural loss of vision as we age is called presbyopia and it’s perfectly normal. But it can come as a shock and can be especially frustrating if you never needed vision correction before.


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