Reading Vision After LASIK


Laser vision correction surgery (PRK or LASIK) has helped millions regain their far vision, bringing objects in the distance into clear focus. This is a liberating feeling for those dependent on glasses or contact lenses for everyday life.  However, over time, you might notice your crystal clear vision is no longer perfect and it seems as though your LASIK is wearing off. Slowly, near vision objects are now looking a bit blurry. Text messages, the restaurant menu and your computer screen are harder to read and you have turned to reading glasses for help. This common loss of near vision is called presbyopia. It’s a naturally frustrating condition that happens to everyone, even those that have had previous LASIK or PRK eye surgery.


Businessman text messaging on cell phone in office


Today, there is an alternative to reading glasses or multifocal/bifocal contact lenses.  It’s called the KAMRA inlay, the advanced solution to presbyopia or blurry reading vision. We invite you to find a KAMRA doctor in your area and schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for the KAMRA inlay.