What to Expect


The Procedure

The entire KAMRA inlay procedure will typically take less than 20 minutes. You will be awake and alert from start to finish. Your doctor will ask you to lie on your back and focus on a light above your eye. Remaining still and focusing on this light will help you achieve the best possible results. The doctor will put numbing drops in your eye to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

The doctor will prepare to place the KAMRA inlay in one of your eyes. The other eye will be left untouched. Following surgery, both of your eyes will work together to provide a full range of vision from near to far. Using a laser, the doctor will create a small pocket in the first few layers of your cornea. You may feel slight pressure on your eye during this part of the procedure. The doctor will then insert the KAMRA inlay into the pocket and center it over your pupil.

At this time, the doctor may also treat you for dry eyes. This may include placing temporary or permanent tear duct plugs in your eye. Called punctal plugs, these are designed to increase the amount of tears in your eyes.

You will not be able to drive following the procedure so make arrangements beforehand for a ride home. You should not drive until your doctor tells you that this is okay.

Learn About the Recovery Process