Is the KAMRA Inlay For Everyone?


Imagine how much nicer everyday life would be if you didn’t have to constantly reach for your reading glasses or feel lost without them. Simple tasks like reading the news, sending a text message or checking the care instructions on a favorite sweater would be faster, easier and more enjoyable. Just how frustrating is it to live with your near vision loss? Click here to check your personal frustration index.


The KAMRA inlay is ideal for people who want to reduce their dependency on reading glasses. It is important to understand that there may be times when additional magnification is needed to read small print in dim light or to perform a near task for an extended period of time. Your doctor will give you more information about the potential benefits and risks.

Is it time for you to be free from the constant frustrations of reading glasses? Use these links to learn more about the KAMRA inlay, take the suitability quiz and find a doctor in your area to determine if the KAMRA inlay is right for you.